Sienna Miller loves living in New York because she finds the city ''really inspiring''.

The 37-year-old actress splits her time between her homes in London and The Big Apple and she feels right at home in NYC because the pace of life suits her and the ''boldness'' of the people who also live there resonates with her.

Speaking about New York in an interview with Vogue Australia, she said: ''I find it really inspiring. I feel like people are moving at a pace that suits me - I want to get things done. I love the kind of bravery and boldness of people that live in that city.''

Sienna's latest film is crime thriller '21 Bridges', in which she stars as narcotics detective Frankie Burns alongside Chadwick Boseman as NYPD detective Andre Davis.

For the movie she had to split her time between location shoots in New York and Philadelphia and Sienna admits travelling between the two cities was tough, especially when it came to spending time with her seven-year-old daughter Marlowe, who she shares with her ex-boyfriend Tom Sturridge.

She shared: ''I would commute back and forth so I could get home in the morning, take my daughter to school, sleep at home, and then I would drive back to Philly each night to try to balance the work/motherhood thing ... It was just tiring, there wasn't a lot of sitting around, laughing, on set ... everyone was just trying to get through the night.

''When it's 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am in the morning, it becomes quite challenging. There's a pace to that city that you can capture that you film there, and that was important to the story.''