British actress Sienna Miller will perform alongside her Cabaret co-star Alan Cumming for the very first time when she makes her Broadway return on Tuesday night (17Feb15), because the two actors have not had a chance to rehearse together.

The American Sniper star will take over the iconic role of Sally Bowles from Emma Stone this week, and although she is excited to hit the stage in the Cabaret revival, she admits the idea of having her first performance with Cumming in front of a live audience is nerve-wracking.

During an interview on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America on Monday (16Feb15), she reveals, "We haven't actually rehearsed together yet. He shoots a (Tv) show (The Good Wife) in the day and he's doing a (Cabaret) show every night so tomorrow night will be the first time I'm on (the stage) with Alan Cumming and I can't wait, but it's daunting."

And Miller admits she has been having nightmares about her opening night becoming a disaster.

She explains, "It's a really saucy part and there are gorgeous costumes and in one of the scenes I do this dance... in this sexy black cap, but I had this dream that I did the first show and my boyfriend came back (stage) and said it was really underwhelming... He was like, 'You've got to pick it up.' Alan Cumming wouldn't look me in the eye... and I woke up (in a panic)."

Miller, who made her Broadway debut in the critically-mauled After Miss Julie in 2009, will help to bring Cabaret to a close when the curtain comes down on the Studio 54 show for good on 29 March (15).