Sienna Miller doesn't like her daughter wearing ''pink sparkly garish monstrosities''.

The 34-year-old actress, who has four-year-old daughter Marlow with her former partner Tom Sturridge, has admitted her child has a ''totally different idea'' about fashion to her, which sees her wear rose-coloured garments, hosiery and accessories with a number of ''big bows'' in her hair.

Speaking about her and Marlowe's conflicting wardrobe choices, the blonde beauty said: ''We have totally different ideas about what's a great outfit. She has an incredibly strong aesthetic. Try as I might to put her into what I like, she's really determined to do her own thing.

''Marlowe is really obsessed with pink leggings, and socks pulled up over the top of those leggings that go to the mid-calf. And she will put anything in her hair, like big bows. Not just one - like four bows. I'm so not a fan, but hey, it's her own thing which I love.

''Oh, personally, I'd like her to wear 1940's-style boiled wool jumpers. Not pink sparkly garish monstrosities. But she's expressing herself.''

However, the 'Burnt' star has admitted she has no say in Marlowe's decision making process.

She explained: ''I don't have a say in what she wears at all.''

Although Sienna - who stars in the short festive film 'The Tale of Thomas Burberry' - has revealed she will allow her brood to wear what she likes because it's Marlowe's way of ''asserting herself''.

The style icon said: ''Children don't always have a lot of choices, so her clothes are her way of asserting herself. And that's wonderful.''

Meanwhile, Sienna has hinted her stomach flips by the fact fashion from the nineties and in the 2000s are coming full circle and finds it ''depressing'' what she used to wear is back and on trend.

Speaking about the trends to, the fashion muse said: ''Oh my god, don't age us in that way! How can that possibly be coming back so quickly? Girls, get nostalgic for the '90s. Not the noughties. It's not okay. That's deeply depressing.''