Sienna Miller's fashion line Twenty8Twelve is made for "different" body types.

The brand - which she creates with her designer sister Savannah Miller - is now in its 11th season, and the British beauty confesses she has learned a lot since its inception.

She said: "When we started this brand I had never done a complete collection. We have learned about creating Diversity in the range to suit different ages, bodies and budgets whilst still maintaining the essence of Twenty8Twelve in every piece - not an easy feat!"

Savannah also claims the fashionable garments are designed for every generation of woman, including pensioners.

She told "We very often have three generations of women come into the store at once and all buy. I think there really is something for everyone and age these days isn't what it used to be.

"I like to think the Twenty8Twelve woman really understands what she wants her clothes to say about her. She uses her clothes to reflect her personality."