Sienna Miller can't wait to return to Venice, Italy after falling in love with the city while making romantic epic CASANOVA.

The ALFIE star was warned about the city's smell before she jetted off to Italy, and ended up caught in floods when canal banks burst.

But the experience of taking a boat to work at sunrise every morning was one she'll remember forever.

She explains, "The Italians are so hospitable and I love the food and the wine. I miss it.

"The city itself is so meandering and you can get pretty lost.

"Everybody said, 'It's gonna be really smelly,' but I didn't find that at all. It wasn't smelly, it was gorgeous.

"I got picked up by boat every morning and the sun was rising and you're on your way to work. It was possibly the most heavenly place that you could make a film in the world."

But she admits there were problems as cast and crew tried to negotiate the canals.

She adds, "The logistics of having camera equipment on boats was tricky during raining season, and, tourist-wise, it was a hassle; we could never predict what was going to happen.

"We were all pretty much in it together and we were battling against flooding one day, so we'd be wading up to our thighs and crying with laughter."