Sienna Miller has stepped into the space left by Lindsay Lohan after the American actress pulled out of a biopic about the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

Hollywood trade paper Variety reports that Lohan dropped out of the film over a financial disagreement.

Media reports today claim that Keira Knightley, who is starring in the film and whose mother (Sharman Macdonald) is the playwright behind it, is furious with Lohan for quitting the project.

But she will No Doubt be pacified by the presence of Miller, who is arguably more glamorous and as accomplished an actress as Lohan.

Cillian Murphy, star of The Wind That Shakes The Barley, and Matthew Ryhs will also appear in the Dylan film, entitled The Best Time of Our Lives.

Miller and Knightley, no doubt to the delight of their male fans everywhere, will play two women fighting for the attentions of the poet. Rumours of a lesbian romp between the two have fuelled interest in the film.

Filming begins early next month in Wales, Variety reports.

23/04/2007 14:12:50