Sienna Miller and new co-star Keira Knightley have hit it off so well they have been spending plenty of time off-set with each other too.

The pair, who are starring together in THE EDGE OF LOVE, a romantic drama, have been seen fooling about together on the set before filming.

And now the two stunning actresses have been spotted enjoying a meal at the trendy Archipelago restaurant off London's Tottenham Court Road, a venue frequented by top celebrities including Prince William.

The two also turned up in matching black boots, tights and sporting similar short dresses, and are obviously enjoying each other's company.

Keira recently told Elle magazine: "I wish I was Sienna Miller."

She added: "I watch that girl and she's just fabulous. She talks to everyone and laughs and smiles and looks as if she is genuinely enjoying herself."

The couple enjoy what has been described as a "steamy" threesome scene in the movie, along with actor Matthew Rhys, although things could have been very different. Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan was originally supposed to take Sienna's part, but mysteriously dropped out.

01/06/2007 11:49:32