British model/actress Sienna Miller insists monogamy is overrated - a year after breaking off her engagement with on/off boyfriend Jude Law. The Alfie co-stars' wedding plans were cancelled in July 2005 when Law admitted he had cheated on his 24-year-old fiancee with his former children's nanny DAISY WRIGHT. After Law's admission, Miller was romantically linked to her Layer Cake co-star Daniel Craig and was photographed kissing her FACTORY GIRL co-star Hayden Christensen in January (06). And it seems following Law's betrayal, Miller has changed her mind about settling down and marriage. She says, "Monogamy is a weird thing to me. It's overrated, because let's face it, we're all f**king animals. "The only thing I know is that Jude is just my dear friend. "I care about him. Our relationship has been through very difficult times and there is something inside me I don't like about it now. "The fact is no one is perfect."