Actress Sienna Miller was happy to share intimate scenes with co-star Keira Knightley in their new movie THE EDGE OF LOVE - because she isn't afraid of filming lesbian clinches.
The Factory Girl stars as Caitlin MACNamara in the film, based on the life of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, and is required to share baths, a bed, and saucy glances with Knightley.
Miller, 26, credits her fellow actress and director John Maybury with making her feel comfortable on the set - but warns fans they might not get as much eroticism as they expect.
She says, "I think people were hoping for a lot more than you get. We'd have the odd snog together. It wasn't all the time, but you know, who hasn't dabbled?
"I think Caitlin was quite a sexual person, and I know that she did, well, dabble a bit. And besides, female friendships can often be tactile and intimate."