British actress Sienna Miller has launched a new clothing line with her fashion designer sister SAVANNAH. The Alfie star, who recently split from actor Jude Law, is fronting the new Twenty8Twelve range, which is named after her birthday. The 80-piece collection takes its inspiration from singer Patti Smith, DICkensian London and Beat poetry of the 1950s and 1960s. She says, "I've always loved fashion, and Savannah got a first in Design at St Martins (a London college of art and design). We hadn't thought to pursue it together, but this just happened organically. And setting up a label with your sister is a lot of fun - there haven't been any fights yet." The actress, who is famed for her stylish threads, concedes not all her designs have been a resounding success. She says, "Some trousers that were my idea came back as a prototype and were absolutely disgusting. Everyone was worried I'd want them, but I just said, 'Scrap them.'"