Sienna Miller has given a Los Angeles tote bag designer a big boost by stepping out with the trendy accessory inspired by her character in FACTORY GIRL. Bag guru TRACY ZYCH created the Edie Bag with Miller's freespirited character Edie Sedgwick in mind - but she never imagined the actress would actually use the item. But now Miller has been snapped out and about with the trendy new bag, stars like Rachel Bilson, Halle Berry and Hilary Duff are clamouring for one. Thrilled Zych says, "I never imagined Sienna would actually use the bag. I sent it to her publicist to show her what her real-life character had inspired. It's amazing. "I've been in the business for about two years and this is by far my biggest break to date." The bags, which retail from $575 (GBP295), are part of Zych's new spring accessory line.