British actress Sienna Miller regrets vowing to quit acting last summer (05), blaming her emotional state on the turmoil surrounding her split from former fiance Jude Law.

The former model found the media attention following Law's confession he had cheated on her with his children's former nanny DAISY WRIGHT so difficult, she considered quitting acting altogether.

But following her reconciliation with Law in September (05), she now feels ready to face the world again and establish herself as a leading actress.

The CASANOVA star says, "It just got to the level where I was thinking, 'If this is the cost of what I do, then I would rather live in some cottage and have babies, because it's not worth it.'

"I think I was slightly emotional at the time. I'm far too ostentatious to give up acting."

The actress ended her engagement with the Cold Mountain actor last year (JUL05), after learning of his affair with his children's nanny DAISY WRIGHT, but they reconciled a few months later.