Actress Sienna Miller is hoping to quit her native Britain for a new life in Los Angeles - but can't afford to move until she sells her London home.
The Alfie star currently owns two properties in the U.K. - one in the capital and one in the countryside - but she is hoping to offload her London residence and buy an house in L.A. so she can spend more time in the U.S.
But Miller's plans have been hampered by the flailing British property market and has so far failed to find a buyer for her multi-million dollar London home.
She says, "I still love London, but I really love it in Los Angeles. I'd love to move (to L.A.) at some point. I just can't afford it right now. Maybe if I get to do G.I. Joe 3, I'll be able to afford a place, because doing plays on Broadway doesn't really enable house-buying. Until I sell my place in London I can't afford anywhere else. It would be useful to have a place in L.A. because I'm here so much."