Actress Sienna Miller has hit out at judgemental women - hinting that she's had to face a barrage of criticism from fellow females following her romance with married oil heir Balthazar Getty.
The British beauty was at the centre of scandal involving the Brothers & Sisters actor after he reportedly cheated on his wife with her last year (08).
The relationship came just weeks after Miller reportedly dumped Welsh actor Rhys Ifans after he had proposed three times.
Getty later slammed the mistreatment of the actress by the tabloid press, admitting he wished he had spoken out to defend the star, saying, "Historically, women always get the short end of the stick."
And Miller agrees - insisting she doesn't understand why women turn on each other instead of offering support.
She tells Britain's Style magazine, "I've been at war, without a doubt. I've really experienced the judgement of women in the past year. It's women who are holding us back. It's women who are judging. I find it sad.
"We say we want to be on an equal path, but men don't sit around bitching at each other. It's very competitive. There's no sisterhood."