Sienna Miller's humiliation at losing out on the role of 1960s socialite Edie Sedgwick in upcoming movie FACTORY GIRL has been intensified by a set of Andy Warhol photos Miller bought when she was convinced she had the part.

Jude Law's blonde fiancee was so confident the producers wanted her, she splashed out nearly $12,000 (GBP7000) last year (FEB04) on the valuable shots Warhol had taken of Sedgwick, who was considered to be his muse.

But since being dumped in favour of Tom Cruise's girlfriend Katie Holmes, she has no idea what to do with the offending snaps.

A close friend says, "Sienna was pretty peeved not to get the role. She was convinced it was in the bag.

"But the worst part of it is that she now has all these photos reminding her of the fact.

"She and Jude are currently trying to decide what to do with them all."

22/05/2005 10:47