LATEST: Actress Sienna Miller has hit out at claims her new film FACTORY GIRL portrays Bob Dylan as being responsible for the death of her character Edie Sedgwick. The movie explores the life of fashion icon Sedgwick, who was artist Andy Warhol's muse, until her death from suicide at the age of 28. Dylan has reportedly attempted to stop Factory Girl from being released, believing it defamed him. His unhappiness is thought to centre around the character of BILLY QUINN, who physically resembles Dylan and has a troubled relationship with Sedgwick. But Miller is "mortified", insisting Dylan is in no way blamed by the film. She says, "It blames Warhol more than anyone. It very obviously looks and sounds like Dylan. But I think a lot of actors base performances on real life. "I'm Bob Dylan's biggest fan. I'm mortified that he's p**sed off. "(Sedgwick) needed help and no one helped her. It's not that Dylan drove her to heroin addiction."