Sienna Miller is fighting with producers of her new film FACTORY GIRL in a desperate attempt to get hold of wardrobe items she wore playing socialite Edie Sedgwick. The sexy star describes herself as "a child of the 1960s" and was thrilled to play one of the decade's style icons, but she wrapped the film without getting so much as a leotard. Miller says, "I think I'm influenced by the 60s as an era in general. My parents were big 60s kids and was brought up listening to that music and have just always felt drawn to that era... hence all my flowery clothes. "I loved every single outfit I wore in the film. It was such an original way of dressing. I liked my red and black stripey dress and all the earrings Edie wore. "I'm still battling with producers to find it because I haven't even got a leotard. That's something that I'm working on incredibly hard." In playing Andy Warhol's muse, Miller also discovered how Sedgwick created one of the biggest fashion looks in style history. She explains, "Edie used to do this jazz ballet. Every day she'd put on her tights and her leotard and she'd dance around her apartment. "She was too lazy to change so she'd put a big coat on over that and go out, so everybody started to copy this look. It was a totally inadvertent look that really caught on."