LATEST: The decision to cast Sienna Miller as pop artist Andy Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick in forthcoming movie FACTORY GIRL had nothing to do with the tabloid hysteria surrounding her fiance Jude Law's affair with his children's nanny, says the film's director.

Yesterday (01AUG05), it was announced Miller had won back the role as Sedgwick, leading to speculation she was only offered the part as a result of her new-found status as an A-list celebrity.

Earlier this year (05), British newspapers reported Miller lost the part because she was not famous enough, although she insisted the film clashed with her role in London play AS YOU LIKE IT.

But director George Hickenlooper has dismissed reports he reoffered Miller the part in light of Law's recent infidelity and preferred to her to Katie Holmes, who was briefly in the running for the role.

He tells website, "She was offered the role on 13 July (05), long before the Jude Law story broke.

"As soon as Katie Holmes dropped out, we went back to Sienna. I always saw her as Edie. It was very painful when she left the project.

"(It's) blatantly absurd to think that tabloid gossip had anything to do with it. We cast her the old-fashioned way, because she's brilliantly talented."