British actress Sienna Guillory knows how important it is to create a good impression with a-list celebrities - after she mistook Kevin Spacey for KEVIN BACON.

The Love Actually beauty, 28, was modelling in France when she made her titanic error, and still worries about making similar mistakes seven years later.

Guillory says, "So there I was on the night of my 21st birthday. I had just done the CHANEL show in Paris and, afterwards, I was taken to this fancy nightclub.

"We were taken to the VIP area, and I was seated next to one of the world's most famous actors. The Usual Suspects had just come out so I knew immediately who he was.

"The next thing I know, a bottle of CRISTAL champagne is brought over to me.

"I turned to the actor and said, 'This is amazing. It's my 21st birthday, I'm in a club in Paris drinking Cristal, and sitting next to Kevin Bacon.'

"He looked at me and said quietly, 'Spacey'. 'Too f***ing right it is,' I said."

10/02/2004 17:20