Writer ALAN G. PARKER hopes to clear punk legend Sid Vicious' name - more than 30 years after he was accused of murdering girlfriend NANCY SPUNGEN.
The Sex Pistols bass player was arrested after Spungen was found stabbed to death in their room at New York's famed Chelsea Hotel in 1978.
Vicious was charged with her murder and released on bail, but died from a drugs overdose just months later in February 1979 before the case came to trial.
Parker is set to release a new documentary - titled Who Killed Nancy? - to fulfil a promise he made to Vicious' mother, Anne Beverley, before her death in 1996.
He says, "I just wanted to clear his name. Of course I wasn't there, I can't swear on the bible he didn't do it, but people involved have always told me to keep digging, keep digging and when you do dig it just does not add up."
The film examines allegations New York cops ignored sets of fingerprints found in the room where Spungen died, and pursues a theory that a previously-unknown drug addict living at the hotel might have killed Vicious' lover.
It is due for release in February (09).