Personal items belonging to SEX PISTOL Sid Vicious and his girlfriend NANCY SPUNGEN are to be displayed in a London art gallery - including a blood-stained poster which hung in the room the bassist allegedly stabbed Spungen to death in.

The collection, which includes handwritten lyrics, posters and T-shirts, will be shown at THE HOSPITAL gallery in September (04).

The gory poster was one of several items of memorabilia sold at auction by Vicious' mother, ANNE BEVERLEY.

Spungen was murdered in room 100 of New York's CHELSEA HOTEL in 1978. Vicious - whose real name is not known but was likely to be either JOHN BEVERLEY or SIMON RITCHIE - was charged with her murder, before succumbing to a heroin overdose the following year (79) aged 21.

19/07/2004 02:51