The Chandelier singer shies away from being the centre of attention during her live performances, and her main stage set in California was no exception. She wore her signature oversized half-black, half-white wig which covers half of her face and stood towards the back of the stage largely in shadow, and used the onscreen visuals and onstage dancers to entertain the audience.

Bridesmaids star Kristen, who performed with Sia at the 2015 Grammy Awards, made a return in a similar half-black, half-white wig for a series of interpretive dances on two giant screens on each side of the stage, which showed pre-recorded segments rather than a close-up of the stage.

Dancers, including Sia's regular collaborator Maddie Ziegler, 13, performed on stage while visuals flashed up on the screens, and at times the dancers would mimic the movements of the pre-recorded sequences.

Little Miss Sunshine star Paul appeared onscreen between two songs as a businessman making a customer service call. Paul, with half-white, half-black hair, says, "Yes sir... we do apologise for the inconvenience... I do apologise, there's no need to call me.. hello?"

He returns later as the same businessman sat a desk looking at a phone, while a dancer dressed like him begins an interpretative dance onstage. Paul appeared onscreen once more as the lost businessman wandering around.

Comedian Tig Notaro made an appearance too, according to reports.

The set, which has been likened to performance art, was praised by Katy Perry, who was in the crowd. She wrote on Twitter, "The most elevated, spiritual experience was had watching @Sia do her thing effortlessly, naturally. @coachella" while Glee star Darren Criss gushed about Maddie's dancing, tweeting, "Holy smokes. @maddieziegler deserves some kind of an award for this @Sia performance . Someone find one and bestow it to her immediately."