Recently-freed rapper Shyne has recruited producer Scott Storch to help him make his first new music in more than a decade.
Shyne walked free from prison in October (09) after serving eight years of a 10-year sentence for his part in a 1999 shooting in New York.
He was subsequently deported to his native Belize but he's now back in the studio working on new tracks with Storch, who has faced his own financial and legal troubles.
Storch tells, "Shyne's my man. I've been talking to him and I was talking to him all through his prison sentence. He's always remained a loyal person to me.
"We became friends after he was already in (jail) and I found out he was a fan and he's just a hell of a cool guy. I'm looking forward to doing, not just one record, but doing a chunk on his album... He's in full effect. He's got people sending him tracks. I have a feeling he's going to make a really huge album... He's got a lot to say."
Shyne's last two albums, his self-titled debut in 2000 and Godfather Buried Alive in 2004, were made up from songs recorded prior to the 1999 shooting, which involved his then-mentor Sean 'Diddy' Combs and his girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Lopez.
Storch is working on getting his own career back on track after battling drugs and bankruptcy in 2009.