Rapper Shyne jetted to Kiev, Ukraine last week (begs23Apr12) to meet with religious leaders to discuss the role faith plays in modern society.
The musician attended the Global Winds of Change Religions’ Role in Today’s World & the Challenges in Democracies and Secular Societies conference, which began on the 25 of April (12), to discuss a range of issues with officials representing Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.
And Shyne, real name Moshe Levi Ben-David, who recently converted to Orthodox Judaism, opened up about his own views in a bid to show others it's possible to incorporate one's religious beliefs into everyday life.
He said, "I use my music as a way to communicate a message of hope and determination. My goal is not to preach to someone to behave in a certain way or observe a certain lifestyle. There are many paths to honour God and I try to speak in simple terms to be a good person."
Event organiser Oleksandr Feldman was impressed by Shyne's words, boasting, "Shyne shows us how one can thrive in the professional arena without compromising one's personal value system. His story is an inspiration to young people throughout the world."
Shyne came to a spiritual awakening during his nine-year incarceration for his role in a New York nightclub shooting involving Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Jennifer Lopez in 1999. He was released from prison in 2009.