Rapper Shyne has blasted 50 Cent for playing a practical joke on him during a meeting with his record label bosses - calling the hip-hop star "desperate" and "a creep".
The In Da Club hitmaker called Shyne's office using a fake name and pretended to be a music executive as he asked to be patched into a telephone meeting between the star and his Def Jam bosses.
When the rapper finally got through, he launched into a bizarre expletive-ridden rant at a confused Shyne, who was left fuming by the stunt.
Shyne is adamant 50 Cent's prank was not funny - branding it a "desperate" ploy for attention.
He tells MTV.com, "That's like an all-time low. I didn't know son (50 Cent) was that desperate. He's gone from confidential informant, a witness protection program dude, to getting order of protections on motherf**kers, now he's a stalker. I was in shock.
"I thought it was somebody having a bad day... It wasn't until after everything was finished, that motherf**kers at Def Jam was like 'yo that was Boo Boo, that was Hawaii 5-0.' Then he puts it out like he was calling and talking reckless. He's a creep."