Reformed hip-hop star Shyne is collaborating with Hasidic Jewish rapper Matisyahu for his next album.
The Belizean-born star converted to Judaism after walking free from prison in 2009, having served almost nine years of a 10-year sentence for opening fire at a 1999 party.
He legally changed his name from Jamal Michael Barrow to Moses Michael Levi and moved to Jerusalem, Israel, where he observes the strict Jewish faith of Chasidism.
His newfound religious faith led to a meeting with Matisyahu and the two pals have formed a tight friendship since working together.
Matisyahu tells The Jewish Chronicle, "I'd say he was someone that I'd be there for anything he needs, and he has expressed the same for me."
Shyne is preparing to release two new albums next year (12) - Messiah and Gangland, which will be full of songs warning fans about the dangers of street life.