Animated hit Shrek 2 has easily won the battle of the summer box office in America by taking in a staggering $436 million (GBP242.2 million).

The film beat another four sequels to claim the summer's top spot, but Spider-Man 2, Harry Potter AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN and THE Bourne Supremacy all proved it has been a good year for follow-up films.

Spider-Man 2 racked up $368 million (GBP204.4 million) to come in second and the second Harry Potter sequel finished the summer in third place with a $247 million (GBP137.2 million) take.

Also finishing the season in the top five were disaster film THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW ($187 million / GBP103.9 million) and The Bourne Supremacy ($158 million / GBP87.8 million).

Shrek 2 not only wins out the summer in America, it's also the country's biggest grossing film of the year (04) so far.

06/09/2004 09:02