Shrek 2 star Rupert Everett is devastated his film star lifestyle has prevented him from finding love.

The homosexual actor, 45, insists it's impossible to maintain a relationship because he's constantly traveling for movies, and that fame has given him a spoilt personality, which puts men off.

Everett says, "If you're constantly moving like I am, you're not really in that frame of mind.

"Unless you're lucky, you don't really meet people.

"This year, for example, I've traveled every eight or nine days. It's weird, always moving to another place and going on to another thing.

"I've just come back from Cambodia, for example, so it's not really an issue that you can even confront when you're traveling around.

"Besides, I'm a monster to live with.

"I'm not temperamental. I'm just spoilt."

23/08/2004 16:55