Shrek 2 actor Rupert Everett was considered a "bad influence" at drama school - where he was expelled over "drugs".

The British actor, 45, was delighted to leave London's Central School Of Speech And Drama - as he found the establishment "tragic".

Everett says, "I think they thought I was a bad influence - drugs. But I really thought the school was tragic and was furious, actually.

"I was one of those very difficult, attention-seeking kids who always wants to disrupt a class...

"When I left public school (Ampleforth) for the netherworld of showbusiness, I imagined it was going to be parties and sex - VIRGINIA WOOLF-ish.

"And it was just as bureaucratic and as middle class as public school after all.

"It was a totally accurate premonition of things to come because actually showbusiness, contrary to what people think, is very bourgeois.

"There's no dancing till dawn. It's very twee."

24/08/2004 21:10