Former Short Stack frontman Shaun Diviney has been forced to cancel a number of upcoming solo gigs after his voice failed to recover from recent throat surgery.

The singer, who now performs under the name Diviney, has axed all the shows on his Sex/Games tour of Australia, and he has blamed the cancellations on ongoing problems following an operation to remove nodules from his vocal cords.

In a statement, he says, "As some of you may have known, after recording my Ep I went in to have my nodules operated on. I had hoped my voice would have been better by this tour but unfortunately it is not.

"This situation is absolutely heartbreaking as I was really looking forward to playing this Ep for the first time. We are looking to redo the tour as soon as I get an all clear from the doctor so stay posted but until then contact the venue for refunds. So sorry to everyone who had bought tickets & look forward to getting the all clear."

The axed tour included stops in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Diviney went solo after Short Stack split last year (12).