R&B singer Shontelle has launched her own shoe collection.

The Impossible singer, who grew up with pop star Rihanna in their native Barbados, has teamed up with fashion bosses at Cat Footwear to design her own line of boots.

And the 27 year old reveals each item was inspired by her island upbringing

She tells GlobalGrind.com, "The colourways of each boot are inspired by the ocean and the flora and fauna of Barbados. The name of each boot is a place in Barbados of significance to me.

"The trident (which is featured on the tongues and inner lining of each boot) represents my heritage. It is actually a broken trident (the staff is short because it has been broken). It is prominent on our flag and is our national symbol of independence. I apply that to my life... This collaboration is an expression of that desire and of all my hopes and dreams."