British soul singer Shola Ama has branded Kate Moss' alleged cocaine abuse as "selfish", insisting the beauty should be putting her child LILA GRACE first.

The YOU MIGHT NEED SOMEBODY hitmaker understands the pressure in showbiz circles to indulge in illegal stimulants, particularly as she previously battled a damaging cocaine dependency herself.

But the now sober 26-year-old believes motherhood is sacred, and if she hadn't ditched drugs, she could never have been a good parent to her two-year-old son MEKHTI.

She says, "Kate is a role model to lots of young girls who want to emulate everything she does. But more importantly, she's a mum. If you're doing a lot of cocaine like I was, you feel jittery and paranoid. I wouldn't be able to run around and play with my son if I was coming down from a drugs binge.

"I personally don't understand how Kate has a child and can still be living that lifestyle. It's very selfish.

"I do feel sympathy for Kate. In the entertainment industry, people party a lot. The pressure is immense."

Moss is reportedly seeking help at the Meadows Clinic in Arizona.