Klaxons' James Righton has reportedly had a ''difficult year'' financially.

The 31-year-old keyboardist is said to be struggling to keep up with his actress wife Keira Knightley in the earning stakes following the band's decision to split in November last year.

A source shared: ''It's been a difficult year for James with the Klaxons breaking up. But he is positive he can turn things around.''

The latest figures available show that James' company Galloping Faster - which he runs with former bandmates Jamie Reynolds and Simon Taylor-Davis - made just £14,844 in the 12 months up to March 2014.

And while Companies House says that the Klaxons have assets of £43,252, they're also reported to be in debt, having borrowed from their Galloping Faster business.

However, the new rave musician - who welcomed his first child and daughter with 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star Keira in May - is said to be keen to provide for his new family.

The insider added to The Sun newspaper: ''It is also possible he could be making money from other avenues, as he is often working on several projects at any given time.''

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old actress' Kck Boo company is said to be worth an impressive £4.1 million which explains how the couple were able to splash out £4 million on a new five bedroom home in London earlier this year, ahead of their daughter's birth.