Scottish singer Shirley Manson has blamed the media's obsession with young, slim women for making her and many other females feel ugly.

The Garbage rocker confesses she has a background of teenage self-harming because she's always hated the way she looks.

And she fears society's concept of beauty is unrealistic and harmful to people's self-esteem.

She complains, "We're so accustomed to seeing anything other than this homogenised idea of what a sexy woman is. One half of me feels I should look like that, and if I'm not, then I'm ugly.

"And the other side of me, the intellectual side thinks, 'I don't want to be like that'. I don't agree with how women are being funneled into this really narrow, restrictive idea of how we should look.

"I've never had a lot of physical confidence, ever. I'm 38-years-old and I know that in society's eyes, I am far removed from the stereotypical idea of what's considered attractive. But I refuse to fix that."

06/03/2005 21:19