Shirley Maclaine has hit out at modern society for losing its respect for people as they get older.

The 71-year-old actress was reminded of the effects of ageing when working with Nicole Kidman on recent movie Bewitched, and it makes her angry.

She says, "The older you get the more invisible you become. When walking into parties, I would go first and everyone would say, 'Great to see you.'

"Then Nicole would come in, and I might has well have been in the woodwork.

"No matter what you do, unless maybe you're MADELEINE ALBRIGHT or one of the great authors or MOTHER TERESA, it's such a youth-reversing culture. In the ancient cultures, elders were the ones who were revered because of their wisdom.

"Now I'm at the point where, in grocery stores, at gas stations, people thinking that because I'm a senior citizen they don't need to pay any respect. But in about 10 minutes they do because I demand it."