TERMS OF ENDEARMENT star Shirley Maclaine claims she's been able to take men off her mind for good, thanks to her beloved dog TERRY.

The 71-year-old actress, whose marriage to producer Steve Parker ended in divorce in 1982, insists she'd much rather spend time with her pooch than be in the arms of a man.

MacLaine, who had recently announced that she was on the lookout for a toyboy to satisfy her needs, says, "I've got better things to do than have another love affair. I look at my dog, and I think the more I know of men, the more I love my dog."

The actress is convinced she knew her pet in a previous life and was desperate to share the pooch's "views" with her fans, leading the pair to "co-write" the book OUT ON A LEASH, EXPLORING REALITY AND LOVE.

In MacLaine's chapter she discusses how Terry has helped her feel more centred. Terry's perspective talks about MacLaine's personal life, with quotes including, "My Mistress Mother can be so serious sometimes."