Movie veteran Shirley Maclaine is crafting her career after MORGAN FREEMAN - because she thinks the DRIVING MISS DAISY star rarely makes mistakes in the films he chooses to make.

After years away from the Hollywood limelight, the TERMS OF ENDEARMENT star is making a comeback alongside Jennifer Aniston in RUMOR (corr) HAS IT and Cameron Diaz in In Her Shoes.

And she fancies following Freeman's example in choosing only the best scripts and becoming one of Hollywood's top supporting actors.

She says, "At this time in my life I like the idea of being more subtle and not flamboyant or colourful or outrageous, which are parts that I usually play.

"I think when you get older you have more wisdom. You don't have a need to perform who you are; you already know who you are. You already have a quiet confidence and stability and a sense of centre. Therefore you feel safe in doing nothing.

"I love that idea now. I'm patterning my career, for the rest of my life, after Morgan Freeman - less is more and do nothing, and I may even wear a darker make-up!"