Movie veteran Shirley Maclaine was so fond of the Florida retirement home where her character lives in new movie IN HER SHOES she's thinking about taking up residence there.

The 71-year-old actress, who lives in New Mexico, is seriously considering making the retirement community her second home because she thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with people of her own age.

She says, "I loved that place. I actually checked into how long does it take to get accepted there and how long do you have to get on the list and how much it costs.

"They (locals) have their own world there. They have their own

hospital, if people do get sick, and their own games and love affairs and apartments.

"Ofcourse Florida is a homestead state and it's where everybody who can afford it goes to live out their days. I loved the people there.

"In America, we don't take our elderly in like they do in Europe and in Asia. We say, `Oh dear, what do we do with them now,' and we start from that premise."