Oscar-winner Shirley Maclaine is so concerned for the sanity of young stars Jennifer Aniston and Sienna Miller that she advised them to dig escape routes under their homes.

MacLaine struck up a friendship with Aniston on the set of Rumor Has It, and found her much-publicised split from husband Brad Pitt excruciating to read about.

Alfie actress Miller has also made headlines this summer (05), when her fiance Jude Law was exposed as having an affair with nanny DAISY WRIGHT.

MacLaine says, "I really admired Jennifer's discipline because she separated what she was going through from her work.

"I could see all the madness that was going on, so one day I just said to her 'Dig a tunnel under your house and have a car waiting at the other end. No one will see you.' This advice is free to anyone from Jennifer to your Sienna Miller."