Movie veteran Shirley Maclaine has hit out at her younger co-stars in recent movies In Her Shoes and Rumor Has It, for being too self-obsessed to take advantage of her advice and experience.

The veteran actress was bursting to share stories with Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, Jennifer Aniston and NICOLE KIDMAN - but claims they only wanted to talk about themselves.

She says, "Cameron used to spend the first hour of the rehearsal period talking about the problems she had getting out of her house and avoiding the photographers outside.

"Nicole Kidman, who I adore, asked me questions about longevity when we made Bewitched but nothing else about the business.

"Jennifer Aniston and I talked a lot of human emotion and truth since her problems with her husband (Brad Pitt) were then surfacing in the press, but she never asked me about the business either.

"When we made In Her Shoes our rehearsal stage was where my dressing room was when I made THE CHILDREN'S HOUR, TWO FOR THE SEASAW, Irma La Douce and The Apartment.

"I would have been happy to share my experiences just on those films alone, but Cameron and Toni never asked me anything off camera."

When asked what she would have told them, MacLaine replies, "Don't screw up like I did."