Actress Shirley Jones' husband is refusing to accept the Oscar winner lied about her wife-swapping scandal with Joan Collins and her ex-husband Anthony Newley, despite the Dynasty star's accusations the story is made up.

Collins has won her fight to remove a sex story from Jones' new autobiography, insisting The Partridge Family star's account of her night out with the Newleys in the 1960s is completely false.

In her book Shirley Jones: A Memoir, Jones claims she once declined an invitation to join a group sex session with her then-husband Jack Cassidy, Collins and Newley in the 1960s.

The Dynasty icon fired off a cease and desist letter to publishers at Simon & Schuster after the tome was published to demand a retraction, and now bosses have agreed to her request.

Collins tells, "We all make mistakes. I've made a few myself, but not with Mrs. Jones. I'm a serial monogamist."

Simon & Schuster executives are removing Collins' name from digital copies of Jones' book as well as from future reissues, but her current husband, Marty Ingels, insists his wife wasn't just trying to sell books when she recounted the sex story.

The comedian was spotted out and about with Jones in Hollywood on Thursday (01Aug13), and, though she wasn't talking about the story, he was happy to support his wife, telling video cameras, "We stand by our word. No matter what Joan said, it's true... Shirley doesn't lie."