Veteran singer Dame Shirley Bassey has re-recorded her classic Bond theme song Goldfinger because her original take was riddled with mistakes.

The Welsh star shot to international fame in 1964 with her iconic 007 track, and she went on to record two more equally famous songs as theme music for the franchise, Diamonds Are Forever and Moonraker.

Bassey is releasing a new album, Hello Like Before, next month (Nov14) to mark 60 years in showbiz, and she took the opportunity to re-record Goldfinger so she could correct some flat notes that have bugged her for 50 years - and she even dressed as a Bond girl to get her in the right mood.

Bassey says, "I got a couple of notes wrong originally! After 50 years I got the chance to re-record it and get it right. It was great to record it in (studio) Abbey Road, wearing a gown!"