Singing legend DAME Shirley Bassey had to make an impromptu shopping trip after being caught with the wrong footwear at a Scottish fox hunting event.

The DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER icon realised her designer footwear was too flimsy to withstand the Scottish countryside used for the Berwickshire Fox Hunt, so she made a quick trip to the nearest shoe shop and purchased a pair of tiger-print rubber boots.

After watching the hunt, Bassey attended the annual Berwickshire Hunt Ball at Duns Castle as the guests of ALICK and ALINE HAY, where she impressed during the first dance - known as The Dashing White Sergeant - for which she had practiced.

Much to the surprise of other guests, she continued to perfectly perform a subsequent range of traditional Scottish dances.

Bassey's pal LIZ DREWER says, "Considering she didn't have a class in the second dance, she was one of the best there. She had such a good time, she really did. She was almost telling everyone else how to do it in the end."

21/01/2005 13:46