Shinedown rocker ZACH MYERS has blasted bands who use their concerts to push a political agenda - insisting they deserve to be "shot".
The Second Chance hitmakers are adamant they're not a "political band", and prefer to keep their views about world issues separate from their music.
And guitarist Myers has taken aim at groups who spend too much time onstage lecturing their audience.
He tells the Away Team website, "Bands that use 45 minutes of their two-hour set to talk about politics should be shot! I'm sorry, it's people that pay to hear you b**ch? So what? No one cares!
"U2 is one of my favourite bands of all time, and yeah, Bono will slip things in here and there, but he doesn't take half an hour. And that's the thing about it, it's finding that line, ya know?! Some bands don't do that."