Shia LaBeouf thinks Twitter can be ''bad'' for him.

The 'Lawless' actor - who used the social networking website to leak a string of emails concerning his departure from the Broadway production 'Orphans' - enjoys micro-blogging as it gives him a chance to be ''social'' in an ''anti-social'' way but admits his impulsive nature means he sometimes posts things he later regrets.

He said: ''It's good for certain things, and then it's bad for other things. I'm impulsive, and I'm quiet passionate, and that's a bad mix.

''That causes some trouble, but I do like posting poems about my beard just for s**ts and giggles. That's fun for me, but I'm also not trying to have conversations every moment of every day and telling you where I'm at all the time.

''You know I just went through some heavy tumultuousness. It was kind of nice to share poetry with people.

''Honestly, I swear to God, it takes some of the sting off of the circumstance, if that makes any sense. Sometimes it's nice to be social, and for an anti-social person, only child, it's kind of nice. You can also have distance whenever you want it.''

The 26-year-old actor also dismissed the belief he is an ''angry little elf'', insisting the image is just because he doesn't like having his photograph taken.

He told MTV News: ''I also find that I'm mean-faced McGee in paparazzi pictures. I feel like I'm so angry when I get approached by click, click, click because I am. I'm not like that in my life, and I feel like there's a misconception of me being this angry little elf. I'm not, I'm really not. That's part of me. That's a facet of my character.''