A Vancouver man claims Shia LaBeouf threatened to pull a knife on him when he tried to help the Hollywood actor following a brawl last week. Shea Carter, a local hip hop artist, attempted to restrain Shea after he was punched by an unknown man, but he now claims the actor turned nasty.
Video footage of the fight, obtained by Tmz.com, shows the Transformers star being punched repeatedly by a shirtless man who then fled the scene. Carter than comes into shot and holds LaBeouf against a wall, pleading with him to calm down. Recalling the incident, the hip hop artist says the actor had been drunkenly swaying in the Public House Bar and was asked by one man to "watch out". The actor replied, "Oh yea? Or what? What are you going to do about it?", before the pair stepped outside. Carter recalls how LaBeouf became aggressive when he told him not to re-enter the venue, with the actor allegedly saying, "Well what if I grabbed my knife on you?" He says Shia eventually walked away, only to reappear moments later to make a 'throat slashing gesture'. LaBeouf's spokespeople are yet to respond to the allegations.
The actor, in Vancouver to shoot Robert Redford's 'The Company You Keep', was spotted cycling in the city the following morning. He showed no signs of the fight, despite being punched in the face several times.