Shia LaBeouf is taking a different career direction, reports Reuters. The actor is looking to exert different creative pressures upon himself.
His big budget performances in Transformers and Indiana Jones are a thing of the past, or at least until the next big money offer comes in. Instead, the 26-year-old actor looked to flex his acting muscles with a different set of weights in new Western, Lawless. "In terms of the character's emotions, the things he goes through, where he winds up, what he's dealing with, the family elements, the alpha male fight, it was all things that resonate with me heavily," LaBeouf explained. "Even as an only child, who grew up with a father who's very alpha male, who I was competitive with, who was a criminal...I looked at (the script) and thought, man, I could really bring these moments to light."
The film, based on Matt Bondurant's book, The Wettest County in the World, a fictional account of his family in Prohibition-era Virginia, has received mixed reviews. "The movie is about the intricacies of love and sex, what they both mean and can you remove one from the other," said LaBeouf. "It's just asking a lot of big questions." It seems Shia can't stay out of the news; he recently revealed his intention to film real sex scenes in Lars Von Trier's upcoming film, Nymphomaniac, which has been met by surprise by audiences and critics alike, not least his girlfriend.