Barry Saide, the brother of the star's mum Shayna, was ordered to pay back the $800,000 (£565,000) LaBeouf had loaned him in 2009, but he didn't accept the 2013 court ruling quietly, making all manner of accusations in an attempt to discredit his nephew.

Now the family matter has been resolved, Saide is happy to move on and has issued an apology to his relatives.

"I want to publicly apologize to my nephew and to my sister for any false accusations and negative publicity that they received as a result of this legal matter," he said in a statement obtained by

"I take full responsibility for failing to meet my obligations under our agreement and want to stress that neither Shia nor Shayna were ever at fault and I am grateful for the financial assistance they provided to me.

"Also, contrary to press reports, Shia and Shayna never took any action to evict me or my wife from our apartment. I am happy that we were able to resolve this matter."

Meanwhile, the actor tells the publication, "I am just happy that this has all been resolved and that it is finally over."