Shia LaBeouf rescued a sea lion who was being terrorised by teens in Los Angeles.

The 'Lawless' star was attending a party on a friend's yacht in Marina del Rey when he heard a commotion which turned out to be a group of youths throwing firecrackers at a sea lion who had climbed up on the pier and he quickly intervened.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: ''Shia was attending a party aboard a friend's yacht when all of a sudden he heard a sea lion barking and loud noises that sounded like gunshots. He jumped off the boat and onto the dock and spotted a group of teenage boys throwing firecrackers at a poor sea lion who'd climbed up on the pier, as the creatures often do, searching for food scraps.

''He roared at the boys telling them to put down the firecrackers.''

After giving them a telling off, Shia took pity on the creature and managed to get it some food.

The source added: ''The boys were scared off by Shia's tongue lashing and scampered away like frightened little girls. Shia ended up feeding the sea lion with food scraps he'd begged, borrowed or stolen.''