Shia LaBeouf's mistakes have helped him to grow up.

The 'Transformers' star has a notoriously short temper and has been involved in more than one public fracas but insists his past troubles were all part of growing up and he is now more mature.

Shia, 26, told Parade magazine: ''I've made mistakes along the way, but I'm learning. I'm more comfortable with myself, and I'm calming down. I think most twentysomething men go through similar struggles and start seeing what boundaries and what rules are. It's about pushing limits and trying to find yourself. I've never been able to learn from other people's mistakes - I'm not that smart - so I usually learn by trial by fire.''

Although Shia was involved in two bar fights last year, including one where he was handcuffed after a reveller reportedly called him a ''f***ing f****t, he insists the public are usually very ''reserved'' when they meet him.

He added: ''I've been blessed in that any kind of fame that I've received has never been like pop-star-fanatical. There's never been any fanatical nature to anybody who has ever appreciated anything I've been in or has noticed me. It's usually pretty respectful and quiet. People are very reserved with me, actually.''